Your Needs

Full-Time Consulting Services to Meet the Needs of Clients, Facility Administrators/QIDPS, and Regional Center Counselors

NORTHSTAR consults to clients at intermediate care facilities and day programs on a full-time basis. Because we are a full-time consulting firm, we are able to gain an intimate knowledge of the day-to-day concerns for both clients and administrators and focus our efforts to help resolve problems and issues quickly.

Services Above and Beyond the Rest

Most consultants offer standard services for annual and semi-annual assessments, but only NORTHSTAR offers services such as equipment coordination and regular inservicing of staff to better serve the client and simultaneously lighten the load placed on facility managers.

Helping You Get Organized and Save Time

ICF homes, community-based residential homes, and day programs today are faced with the challenge of meeting the expectations of clients, family members, regional center counselors, healthcare professionals, direct care staff and licensing. NORTHSTAR understands the heavy time demand placed on facility managers and staff. That's why we aim to help you get more organized by scheduling assessments well in advance, monitoring training objectives continuously, communicating frequently with interdisciplinary team members, and offering assistance with equipment issues.

Your Team

NORTHSTAR is a hands-on team of healthcare professionals specializing in physical and occupational therapy. Our highly trained staff offers the individual attention and personalized care required to enable clients to set reasonable goals and attain them, utilizing a team approach of therapists and direct care staff.